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Our History

Reaonix, Inc was established in 2004. After years of successful business, we purchased High Security Alarm Systems in 2018. We have proudly served clients throughout the Central Florida and Atlanta areas for the past 32 years. As a family-owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on a friendly company culture and the ability to treat clients like family.

Reaonix, Inc has been custom designing and installing security systems for both commercial and residential clients for decades. Through years of working on a diverse range of projects and clientele, we have gained substantial experience in all categories of projects from largescale commercial work to residential homes and businesses. Our goal is to earn your business for a lifetime. We do not just provide a product or a service; we provide a long-lasting relationship built around the safety and security of your family.

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Our Mission

Reaonix is different from other services and solutions companies – this difference lies in our core values that have proven to be stabilizing foundations for rapid growth since inception.

Reaonix strongly believes that simply providing solutions or services is not the end goal. We constantly demonstrate ourselves as leaders in advanced technology and are known for delivering the highest quality of service. We challenge ourselves to continuously push boundaries to provide the best solutions while integrating leading innovations from our partners. By enhancing quality of life using advanced solutions and constantly adapting to the latest technologies, we seek to bring happiness and satisfaction to every customer.